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About Serenity Cove: Pioneering the New Earth Community

Our Philosophy: At Serenity Cove, our vision is a harmonious synthesis of life, learning, and the latent potential within humanity and nature. Founded on the principle of sustainable and conscious living, our community is a living testament to the possibilities that emerge when we align with the rhythms of the natural world. We stand as a beacon for a new era, where our collective footprint nurtures the earth that cradles us.

Our Mission: We are more than a community; we are a movement. Our mission is to create a sanctuary where life in its purest form can thrive. Through innovative living spaces, shared gardens, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we aim to inspire a transformational way of life that honors our planet and awakens the human spirit.

Our Commitment: Serenity Cove is committed to the ethos of 'New Earth' — an ideal that champions eco-centric architecture, self-sufficiency, holistic wellness, and a vibrant community spirit. Every aspect of our community, from the ground up, is designed with intention, care, and a deep respect for the intricate web of life.

Living in Serenity Cove: Nestled within a tapestry of forests, waterways, and gardens, our domed homes, hobbit-inspired abodes, and treehouses are more than structures — they are sanctuaries. With communal areas that promote education, wellness, and creativity, life at Serenity Cove is an endless exploration of what it means to live in true harmony with nature.

Connecting with Community: Serenity Cove thrives on the connection. Here, we gather under the sun and stars to celebrate, share, and grow. Whether it's through a workshop in the New Earth School, a reflective moment in the labyrinth gardens, or a shared meal in our outdoor dining spaces, every experience is an opportunity to foster deeper connections with ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Our Invitation: We extend an invitation to those who hear the call — the pioneers, dreamers, and change-makers. Join us at Serenity Cove, where your presence becomes an integral thread in the fabric of our New Earth community. Together, we will shape a world where living is an act of joyous stewardship, a place where each of us can flourish in the garden of life's boundless potential.

All about Our Place

Serenity Cove: A Communal Haven for Lifelong Learning and Peace

Embark on an infinite journey of enlightenment at Serenity Cove, a sanctuary where knowledge, adventure, and kinship flourish amid nature's embrace.

Far removed from the clamor of city life and the omnipresence of technology, this is a retreat for souls seeking a genuine connection, offering communal gardens and serene spaces for yoga, meditation, and communal learning beneath the stars.

In the heart of Serenity Cove, educational experiences await, ranging from culinary arts to gardening, from the art of fermentation to the study of sacred geometry.

Interactive, hands-on learning will guide you through the principles of sustainable living, marrying ancient wisdom with the latest advancements poised to shape our world.

Named for the tranquility it promises, Serenity Cove is the vision of founder Monica Anderson, dedicated to a life lived authentically and at peace.

Rise with the dawn and join the community in the main house, where the open-hearted chef crafts nourishing meals with ingredients harvested right from our grounds, accompanied by the gentle company of our local wildlife, all while basking in the golden hues of South Carolina's sunrises and sunsets.

We invite you to Serenity Cove, where imagination takes flight, and every day is an opportunity to uncover the magic within and around you. Here, the wonders of creation are not an annual spectacle but a daily joy.

Join us, and write the most vibrant chapter of your life in a community where every moment is cherished, every connection deepens, and peace is not just a concept—it's our way of life.

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Serenity Cove: Your Dream Destination Defined by Discovery and Healing

Serenity Cove is set to be an idyllic haven, gently nestled just outside the vibrant area of Anderson, SC.

This unique community is home to the New Earth School, a sanctuary of learning for all generations, offering both virtual and in-person classes that celebrate lifelong education in its most dynamic forms.

At the heart of Serenity Cove, a pioneering Quantum Healing Center stands, dedicated to the well-being of both humans and their cherished animal companions.

Here, the healing arts transcend traditional bounds, incorporating sound, color, and frequency therapies to rejuvenate the spirit and body.

Beyond education and healing, the community blooms with an array of boutique shops and an eclectic mix of classes.

They are designed not just to teach, but to transform.

Learn the art of self-reliance, from cooking and gardening to building and crafting.

Unwind with meditation, find balance through yoga, and master the art of relaxation, all within the embrace of Serenity Cove.

Serenity Cove is more than just a location—it's a destination where dreams are nurtured and made tangible, where every day promises the dawn of new skills and a deeper understanding of what it means to live fully.

It's not just an extraordinary place to live; it's the space where the concept of home is reimagined and where life is lived as it was always meant to be.

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Embarking Together: The Dawn of Serenity Cove

As we lay the groundwork for the idyllic Serenity Cove, we find ourselves in the heart of phase one—cultivating our healing wellness center community.

Our dedication to your wellbeing extends beyond the physical space, with virtual life coaching and advanced quantum frequency healing available via Zoom. These services, including scalar energy, PEMF, and Rife technologies, are designed to align with your natural frequency and promote holistic health.

While Serenity Cove's physical manifestation is on the horizon, our virtual community flourishes, drawing together like-minded individuals in anticipation of what's to come.

Engage with us, partake in the planning, and watch as the vision of our sanctuary takes shape.

Connect and grow with us at, a space where our communal dreams and individual paths to wellness converge.

For a deeper dive into the Serenity Cove ethos, resources, and contact avenues, explore

Questions, inquiries about investment opportunities, and messages of intent can be directed to

In the spirit of Serenity Cove's philosophy of living harmoniously with nature, our online store brings the essence of our envisioned lifestyle store to you, wherever you may be.

Begin integrating the Serenity Cove lifestyle into your daily routine by visiting Here, you will find curated products that reflect the beauty and tranquility of our future New Earth headquarters.

Your involvement, curiosity, and potential investment are the seeds from which Serenity Cove will bloom. Together, let's cultivate a community where wellness, unity, and environmental stewardship flourish, creating a home where every individual can thrive in balance with the world around us. Join us on this journey to reimagine what it means to live, to heal, and to belong.

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Serenity Cove: A Community Designed for Harmony and Exploration

Serenity Cove welcomes visionaries of all ages to a sanctuary where the concept of home transcends expectation.

Our community is thoughtfully planning for a harmonious blend of approximately 33 residences, offering a mix of retreat-like, staff, and a variety of family dwellings.

A considered application process ensures our philosophy of enlightened living resonates deeply with each resident.

Members of Serenity Cove will be enfolded into a lifestyle akin to living in a modern Garden of Eden—an existence so fulfilling and enriching, leaving will be the furthest thought from mind.

Within this idyllic enclave, life's luxuries are interwoven with nature's splendor, featuring:

  1. A Quantum Healing Spa, offering rejuvenation for body and spirit.
  2. The Main House, a convivial nucleus serving fresh, chef-crafted delicacies and refreshing beverages.
  3. Meditation and Yoga sanctuaries, integrated seamlessly within the community's verdant walkways.
  4. A layout dedicated to the joy of movement, complete with paths for walking, roller skating, and more.
  5. Breathtaking hot air balloon rides, presenting a bird's eye view of our earthly paradise.
  6. An abundance of natural beauty, with lush floral landscapes and tranquil water elements at every turn.
  7. A transformative New Earth School, accompanied by a diverse lineup of in-person and virtual speakers.
  8. A versatile auditorium, marrying the grace of nature with the vibrancy of live cultural events.

Our commitment at Serenity Cove is to design spaces that foster growth, joy, and the pursuit of lifelong learning in a setting that feels like a perpetual retreat.

The opportunity to join this haven of peace and natural splendor begins in 2027.

At Serenity Cove, every day is an invitation to immerse oneself in the beauty of living and the joys of a community that feels like your very own Eden.

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